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Full Version: Google Drive for KODI
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In the "Add-on settings" screen you have 3 buttons on the right side: "OK", "Cancel" and "Defaults". The last button is the one to reset your settings.
I look everywhere but there is not.
Thnak you very much.
Excellent plugin, so much thanks for your hard work.
Something is not clear to me: how can I automate Google TeamDrive content update AND Kodi Library auto update? I created the strm export, added to monitor changes, and also scheduled update to each system restart. But will this also trigger a Kodi Library update too, when a new content is added to Drive?
@gurabli Yes it will. There is an option "Update library after export" when you create or edit an export. If you check it, it will update the library automatically if a change is detected in your exported folder or after a export run has finished.
Hello, @cguZZMan.

First of all, thank you very much for all the work you've put into this add-on. I use it on a daily basis and it has changed Kodi for me. Oh, the automatic .strm creation works flawlessly for me and it was a very welcomed addition.

I would like to ask if you have any workarounds for a problem that I often have using Google Drive on Kodi:
One of the features that I most use is the "Choose Stream" / Transcoding options because I watch streams using different devices and bandwidth capacities. I also use x265 and some devices I have can't play these files directly, so the transcoded options are really handy. However, when I add video files that have more than one audio track/channel (like bluray comments or different languages) the transcoded version is capable only of having one audio track picked ramdomly (often I end up with the comments). 

So, I completely understand that this is not a problem with your add-on and this happens due to some proceeding regarding the transcoding run by Google. I just wondered if you have faced this problem before and if you know any workarounds for it (as any method for being capable of choosing which audio track would appear in the transcoded versions).

I thank you again for this add-on.
Im speaking freely,,,, that is.. without knowing facts:

I believe that when you're opening a transcoded stream, you're actually watching audio file '1' instead of '0' (which can be selected in the youtube or google video video window) and may be an error in coding 

Again, Im speaking freely and I do apologize if this is not the case
@jrdexter I haven't. I can take a look if you can share a video with multiple audio tracks.
The addon works very nice!
Is there a way to use encryption on Drive? Maybe something you could add, if possible?
I have no idea why I cannot get the website to accept the code. Ive tried 3 computers in my home and get the same error : " Your code is invalid. Make sure you entered the code displayed in Kodi and you're in the same network as your kodi device."
Just to be more precise about encryption: most of us (including me) use rclone for Drive, with encryption. I guess it is crypt.
It would be so great if you could add this feature.
(2018-09-03, 14:23)keithcq71 Wrote: [ -> ]I have no idea why I cannot get the website to accept the code. Ive tried 3 computers in my home and get the same error : " Your code is invalid. Make sure you entered the code displayed in Kodi and you're in the same network as your kodi device."
 I received the same message, but I restarted my tablet (where I did the introduction of the code) and it worked. It seems that sometimes wifi plays tricks.
@gurabli I'll take a look on that. If it has functionality to stream a file without fully downloading it, it will be a good sign.

@keithcq71 you haven't attached your debug log file. Attach your debug log AND the screenshot of the page where you are introducing your code with the address bar visible so the URL can be seen.
@cguZZMan Once again... An excellent addon. Thanks a lot for your work.

I have a quick question regarding subtitles. You mentioned that the subtitles need to be in the same folder with the same name as the movie file. Does having language in the subs affect the auto-detection of subs?

My files are 

Movie: Movie.2018.mkv
Sub: Movie.2018.en.srt

TV show: TV.Show.S01E01.name.srt
Sub: TV.Show.S01E01.name.en.srt

@vab.patel for Google Drive, your subtitles can be in any folder in your entire drive but 2 conditions must be met:
1. It must contains the name of your file, except the video extension. Your example will work.
2. It must have the extension ".srt", ".sub" or ".sbv". Your example will work.
Language or any other text does not affect as long as the name of your subtitle met the 2 conditions from above.
huh.... Interesting. I thought they needed to be in the same folder.

Also, will I need to add the videos again to the Kodi library (after cleaning it) if I download new or rename the existing subtitles? I use the source mode for Movies and TV Shows in library.