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Full Version: Google Drive for KODI
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@massl I know you can in your google drive account, in the settings, enable a setting that puts a google photos folder in your drive so that you can view them there.
@niltoncrf correct, the source files are visible only for the same machine running kodi. I'll take a look on the implications of exposing the files and what could be the options. Will see.

@massl correct, google photos are not included in the source mode. I'll check how feasible is to have all other folders apart from the drive in the source mode. In the meantime you could do as @raycekar said. Thanks @raycekar.
(2018-09-22, 19:17)fogers Wrote: [ -> ]Hi,

Im getting below error when launching google drive addon on my android tv kodi v17.6. Tried updating to 1.2.11 and removing installing again, but same error.

Could someone help to fix it? Thanks!

I am encountering the same issue. I will post the debug log once I am home. Did re-installing the google drive addon work for you?
(2018-09-25, 22:31)vab.patel Wrote: [ -> ]I am encountering the same issue. I will post the debug log once I am home. Did re-installing the google drive addon work for you?

Never mind. I uninstalled the addon, cleared the library. Reinstallation of the addon and adding the movies/tv shows by strm method fixed the problem.
@cguZZMan The addon is working solid with no issues at all. Just wanted to ask: What is the look for changes in the cloud option in the strm creation? Does is constantly monitor for changes in the google drive? If yes, how often? Would it ever hit the API ban?

@vab.patel it checks for changes 1 time every 60 seconds. It will never affect the quota the user have to query the api.
The quota per user is set to 1000 hits every 100 seconds (extrapolating this will mean 600 hits every 60 seconds). So you have 599 hits free to do in a minute.
That being said, google have other different quotas or type of bans, But the quota I explained is the one "affected" by the watch functionality in the addon.
Thanks. Does it mean if I keep this option checked... I do not need to keep the scheduled strm creation?

Correct. You should be good with the 'Watch for changes' option only. Just make sure nobody else touches or alter your destination folder.
I really like this addon. Is this a better option than using google drive file stream (GDFS) on my computer scan through Kodi? Is it possible to hit api ban with GDFS? I see you said its not possible to get api ban with Google Drive for Kodi. What if I have loads of Movies like 5,000+ eventually? I'm not sure which is best to use help me decide. Thank You. Could I use Google Drive for Kodi with strm files on my wife computer also at the same time I use my own. Will this create an api ban for scanning on 2 computers? Also is it best to run a scan on root folder ex. Movies/Title/File or Title/File The reason why I'm asking because when I run a scan to check for new content on Movies/Title/File it re-scans eveything in the Movie folder regardless if it has already been scan will this way create unnecessary api hits? I have check to watch this folder. It only put the sub movie folder in directory I have to manually scan for the strm file to be created. I though this was automated.
Noob question: Can this GDrive add-on be used to *upload* files to GDrive e.g. .kodi backup and be assigned a URL for download/restore?
@j_salters I don't use GDFS, you can test them both and let us know. The number of files doesn't matter. I have my account in multiples devices with no problem, the point is that I'm usually playing a video in one device at a time. The scanning for new content doesn't use the api, Kodi is only reading the strm files when scanning. The watch option should replicate your folder and create the necessary files, you must paste your debug log file if you want to report an issue.

@siliconhippy read only.

Is there any way to see photos that are saved in Google Drive (not Google Photos) as I can see videos but not photos?

@cguZZMan or anyone that can help....

Ok having major issues using Nvidia sheild android oreo kodi 17.6 and your add on i login fine i can view the account/folders/files etc great only problem is none of the files will play adding as a source or adding strm files both work to get them into the library but nothing will play i have 4k mkv files 1080p mp4 and 1080p mkv a mixture none will play at all i had this setup for a week and Friday night it fell over and i just cannot get it to work now its driving me crazy.

Any suggestions? 

question: can i have a kodi install (android) on my sheild and one at my sisters house the same setup with the same account? If not can i share the folders with other peoples google accounts and they log in with there own account but basically the files etc are feeding from the same account I thought  perhaps having 2 instances of the account being logged in and used at the same time would be an issue? or ami wrong? please can you advise the best way to do this.

I also read that you have suggested saving the strm files and pointing the library to those folders I have being saving these in the download folder of the sheild as i believe write access is very restricted without being rooted. but even after this the files simply will not play just pops up saying one or more item failed to play and sometimes with the strm files it would say something like cannot find next file to play? can you advise how to set this up again because im completely lost i have spent hours on this and cant get it going.

@cguZZMan I would like to know can this be use on more device on the network also? Without Google deleting my files. Thanks
(2018-07-05, 18:13)tremocoivo Wrote: [ -> ]@cguZZMan yes, it's working, thank you. And I have an problem that is when I config account gg drive successful and I share my account (file setting.xml) to my friends (about 100 users) and have many users cannot be play movie and show error like this
(2018-07-10, 17:49)cguZZMan Wrote: [ -> ]@KingKaka I see the issue. It will be fixed in the next release.

@tremocoivo Looks like google is blocking you for exceeding the number of requests. I will suggest you don't share your account.

With old question. With the same account when I open on the web or android app is still viewable, only on the kodi is error. What is the android API different from KODI? You can research this error is not?