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Full Version: Google Drive for KODI
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So everything was working fine. But now this morning nothing will play. I get a spin a pause another spin then nothing. I’ve reinstalled check my google drive account. Even tried on different device. Everything seem fine any ideas
@jmiller33 @m_cubed15 if a code is not accepted and you entered the correct one, then it's because you are using your kodi device in one network and doing the login in another network (cell phone network for example). Or your internet provider changes your public ip constantly.
The same public ip which requested the code must be the one doing the login process. If a different public ip is detected, for security reasons will be treated like it doesn't exist.

@navysandsquid Post your debug log file all the times if you want to report an issue. You're probably getting a temporary ban from google. Your debug log file would confirm it.

How long is the ban

You are getting a error 403, which is the ban error from google. I'm not sure how long, I've read it's about 24hrs.
if you play your files directly thru the addon or use the strm files (instead of source mode), you could skip the ban by using the transcoding option (in settings, option "Always ask for the stream format").
Can you briefly explain the .strm thing. I keep reading about it never find a tutorial
Oh and which settings for the transcode option
You have to export your videos as .strm files to a local folder. Read this post to know how to do it with the addon.
Then you just add that folder to your library.
Note that no .nfo or other type of metadata will be exported, so you have to have all the names of your videos or folders with the correct format as required by kodi. https://kodi.wiki/view/Naming_video_files
Awesome this is great any chance you’ll be getting around to be able to do this with the shared folder?
Hi! This addon is awesome!! oh my god! xD

I have a problem only, i use kodi jarvis, and replacing 2.24.0 at two addons ( google drive + common ) that work perfectly.

If i disable transcoding (select format at start), works well but..

When i enable transcode at play, i get this error, unkown error: function takes at most 3 arguments (4 given) Please try again.


How can i solve it? thanks!

I say on kodi leia never get this error, but i need use this box, and only accept jarvis.

Very thanks and nice work! have a nice day!
(2018-12-07, 04:04)cguZZMan Wrote: [ -> ]@melmanc I see the issue. I'll fix it. Thanks for the report.

Great. Any idea when you will get chance to fix? Do I just update through kodi?
Where is the transcoding setting
This add-on is great and working well previously, but today i have got this error.

Unknown error:
Extra data: line 28 column 2 - line 28 column 3 (char 1975 - 1976) 
Please try again.

@navysandsquid shared folders works the same way for export and transcoding.

@m3ndi sorry but no support for jarvis. Looks like a function does not receive the same parameters in that version.

@melmanc not yet. I've been very busy. I'll post a message when a new version is available.

@navysandsquid in the addon settings.

@-NS- it's a known issue. The solution is here: https://github.com/cguZZman/plugin.onedrive/issues/16
I was referring to being able to use shared folders and get the cover art in your main kodi video section.
omg Sad i need use that version for the amlogic codecs, u think any manner to solve it? thanks for all