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Full Version: Google Drive for KODI
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@jherrerob I'll check the way you intend to use the addon and see if it can work. Currently it was developed with the idea of having all the media or videos stored in there, not just the links. But hey! that was just the original idea. Will see.

@nova12324 Will check what you are saying and I'll fix it if it's an issue.

@zambeaux Please install the addon Kodi Log Uploader. Follow the instruction described here: http://kodi.wiki/view/Log_file/Easy and then you can post your logfile link here.
I have tried both this and the ddurdle g drive addon. Both are nice but his doesnt have the issues this has. Hopefully they will get resolved. Thanks for the efforts
Great Add-on, and great job.

I have the same problem as nkumar80
A lot of times photos do not open. No error is shown but all I get is a black screen or playback stops after some photos

Thanks a lot.
My case is a bit odd.

I successfully installed the addon and configured to my account. I can log into my account.

But when I do my folders are empty. I placed a jog into two different folders (main and started) but they do not show up.

Am I missing something simple?
I'm sorry. Version 1.0.1, fixed these problems. Thanks
I have Kodi Addon Repository version 2.5.10.   thengoogle drive addon is version 1.0.0    i tried to see if there was a repository update but its not findong one.

so my question is: where can i find google drive version 1.0.1.?
@limens73 glad it's working for you now.
@Sean-in-yyc the folders will show only the type of files that you are requesting. So if you entered the addon thru the Videos menu, it will display videos only. If you do it thru the music, will display music files only and so on. As @beljim7419  kindly responded, you can install the 1.0.1 version from the project source code page or from here directly: https://github.com/cguZZman/plugin.googl.../1.0.1.zip

All, i'm working in the new version which fixes the reported issues. Will have the update soon.
Very Excited about this Addon. I am thinking about moving my Local Files to Gdrive and Stream files from there. With GSuite this is quiete cheap.

I was able to add the account and play some videos. Didn´t understood how to add it correctly as a source but will figure that out.

My main Question is if you plan to add Support for TeamDrives?

If i Open the Addon i can only browse through my personal storage and not the TeamDrive.

Have a nice weekend.
@Sorafication Yes. The plan is to support team drives too but I'll fix the reported issues first.
If you have your media in your drive, I would recommend you to use the Export to .strm option and add them to your library instead of adding your drive as a source because seems like the source option is a little slower. It should work tho. Let me know.
Hey guys, noob here.

Can someone please either explain (or point me to an idiot's guide) on how to add Google Drive as a Video source? The add-on is installed and my account is set up. I'm able to watch videos in my Drive by drilling down into the add-on through folders.

I tried 'Exporting to strms' but it won't let me pick my 'Download' folder to set as a destination.
I'm getting an error that was reported on a few pages back in this thread. When I try to export my library to .strm, I end up with an error message saying Something went wrong with this operation, try again later.

Any thoughts?
(2018-02-18, 03:31)lawprior Wrote: [ -> ]I'm getting an error that was reported on a few pages back in this thread. When I try to export my library to .strm, I end up with an error message saying Something went wrong with this operation, try again later.

Any thoughts?
 Same problem I had
Its been a week since I posted, looks like the owner of this addon has abandoned it?
@venkmanologist can you elaborate on the issue where it doesn't let you pick your 'My Download' folder as a destination? The addon will ask you the folder when it's the first time you are exporting, and then you can change it in the addon settings.
To add the google drive as a source select the Add videos... > Browse > Add network location.. > Web server directory (HTTP):
Server address: localhost
Remote Path: source
Port: 8585
Or you can add a source in the File manager too..

@lawprior and @keithcq71 please always post the pastebin link to your log so I can see the log and know the issue you are having: There is and addon you can use to do it easily: https://kodi.wiki/view/Add-on:Kodi_Logfile_Uploader
Let me know.