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Full Version: Google Drive for KODI
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I also had a previously working setup start giving this Extra Data error. I ended up having to wipe my kodi data and re-setup Kodi completely to get the Google Drive Add-on to work again.

It only happened on one of my Fire TVs. The other ones all continued to work without issue. 

Since I am having to re-add all my movies, does anyone know the proper way to get Kodi and TMDB to scan files that have 2 extensions? For example, MoveTitle.mkv.strm  If I manually scan something to the library and take out either the .strm or the .mkv or both, the movie is identified without issue.
This add-on is great and working well previously, but today i have got this error.

Unknown error:
Extra data: line 22 column 2 - line 35 column 2 (char 1773 - 2075) 
Please try again.
I figured out the answer to my naming question. I guess the recommended way to organize and name items is to have a folder for each movie. This eliminates the double extension problem when creating strm files.
Reporting about that Extra Data Error bug that I know a few people have ran into along with myself.  Did some testing and I found the file that is causing the issue.  In the kodi data location ...\userdata\addon_data\plugin.googledrive there is a file named accounts.cfg that I believe handles the google account info and for reasons I dont understand, it breaks.  So deleting that file and re-adding your account fixes that error. Hope this helps everyone Smile
Hi @cguZZMan This addon is awesome! The only problem I've found is that if I add my Gdrive as local (http://localhost:8587/source/) I don't get Kodi to show local thumbnails. Do you know what can be the problem?

I use TinyMediaManager to generate .nfo and thumbnails and the problem is only there.

Could you to probe it by yourself?

I have this add-on up and running but i am having problems with it.  I have a Team Drive called Movies but the "Export to .strm files..." option is only available on each individual movie, not the entire Movie folder so I am not sure if I am doing something wrong there.  So I am trying to just add them to the library with localhost:8587/source as the source.  I do that and then go to the Movie folder and set content, set it as Movies and pick universal media scraper and check the option each movie is in its own folder with the movie title.   every movie on the drive is in a folder with the movie title (year) but for some reason it is not adding all of the movies to the library.   if i look at it in file view they are all there but in library view it doesnt want to show everything.   I have tried it multiple times, and a couple times it has added all of the movies to the library initially, but after reloading kodi half of them disappear from the library even though they are still there in the file view.   I have tried adding the team drive on plex as well, granted plex can just see the team drive folder on my PC, but Plex was able to add every movie to the library without a problem.  However I am trying to find a solution to not have to have a separate media server running 24/7 so it would be great if i could get this working through Kodi.
Why is the addon not pulling metadata for tv shows ? Its shows some racing series on every show.
"source too slow" "fuente de lectura demasiado lenta" when trying to play a 1080p remux, It's normal that is not working?
Just asking, thanks for the amazing addon btw!
Hi. I use "google drive" very well.

Question #1.
I would like to add "google drive-shared with me" to my video library.
Is there a way to implement "google drive - shared with me" as "http: // localhost: <port> / sharedwithme"?

Question #2.
Is there a way to access and display only specific folder?
- my google drive
-- folder # 1 <- hide
-- folder # 2 <- only access and display
-- folder # 3 <- hide

If not, are you willing to implement the above two in the next version?

Thank you very much.
Hi. So the network in my dorm uses this asinine HTTP proxy (to be routed through and I have all my video files stored on a google drive, for which I have created .strm files on my PC with the help of the Google Drive add-on in the official repository. The problem is that while using the proxy within kodi, I am able to sync my google drive and scrape information without any problem, the videos just dont play.
Please help, I am not very tech-savvy but will try my best to follow any instructions.
I've created this account to thank you for the addon cguZZMan. It's a great alternative to those whose used the discontinued Plex Cloud service. Thank you for your effort.

You mentioned that stream quality can't be asked in source mode. Is that a restriction (i.e., prohibiting user interaction on request) imposed by Kodi developers on all addons? .strm is a good workaround, yet not as elegant as using the source mode.

I also noticed that importing from .strm does not merge split video files into one (e.g., duplicate entries for the same movie is created) even though such option is selected in the settings. It's not really a big problem but I'm reporting it here because there might be an easy fix.

Thanks again!
@navysandsquid you can do it. You just need to export your shared folder to strm files and add it to kodi library.

@m3ndi sorry, I barely have time right now. I can't add support for an older version of kodi right now.
@bufordt it's a known issue. I'll try to find some time soon and fix it. There is a solution here https://github.com/cguZZman/plugin.onedrive/issues/16 which is the same @raycekar gave to you.

@VisiontvOn same answer as @bufordt

@alfredo.perez looks like kodi doesn't read local thumbnails when the source is a web source. A solution is to let kodi scan the content and generate the thumbnails.
@Alex1180 the export option is available in all folders, except the root folder. So you just need to have a folder Movies in your drive and not a root team drive named Movies.

@keithcq71 I need more information than that. Metadata is generated by kodi when you add your strm files to the library.

@LFLR that's an internet connection speed issue. Make sure you have enough bandwidth. Try with another connection too.

@jeryuni Not for now. Shared folder is not available in source mode. But you can export it as strm files for now. That way you can add it to the library.
There is no way to hide folders with the addon. There are some issues I need to fix first before thinking in adding new features.
@k9ketan sounds like you have a ban from google. Try playing the video in another format. You can enable it in the addon settings.

@joasis not really "imposed" by kodi. It's the way it works. In source mode the addon only provides the list of files and folders in an specific format and from there there is no way to tell what the user is doing. I have some ideas to try to resolve it but I don't have time right now and there are some issues with more priority. But it will be addressed some day.
About your other issue I haven't had that scenario or issue before. Please post a new issue in the github page so I can take a look on it some day.