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Full Version: Google Drive for KODI
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no thats not it dude. i can stream from drive on chrome just fine. i also tried using the add-on on a non proxy network and it also works
Another strange one has shown up, have put a few TV shows onto my google drive, the shows scan ok but only one shows up in the TV section of kodi.

Here is my log file: https://paste.kodi.tv/hedidameka

Thank you.
Hello, after I updated new kodi, it doesn't show previous episode i watched anymore. How can turn it on, i really don't know what episode i watched and what episode i haven't watched yet, please help.
Guys why not open .strm in kodi 18?

Edit. Solved
=11ptGreat App!
One issue though: After about 2 Month the app wanted again to perfom the initial security check (with entering the code at https://drive-login.herokuapp.com/ and so on). But why? Can this second (and third and fourth …) check be switched off?
I can understand it when implementing the App for the first time, but after two months again? And does it come again after the next 2 month?
This is a bit too much, I think.
Thank you!
Peter from Germany.
Fine work on the add-on!  When people were having the problems with the "Source is to Slow" and you added the selection to "Always ask for the stream format before play". I think the main problem is the actual video file (MKV). When I selected Original on a 1gb file it wont play but I have selected a 23gb file and play it from Original it will play. So I am thinking the problem is in the Encoding of the files. Everyone uses different software and different settings and I think that is the main problem which is causing a headache for everyone when they want to playback their files. On the computer I have no problems playing the files through the computer straight from my team drive through the chrome browser. But for some reason I am guessing Kodi and its transcoding or something has a problem playing some files in the original format.
Is there a way to login to Google Drive and only access certain directories or login with only access to specific path?
Do you mean access to a google-Drive-Folder that has been shared like for example https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/1BWT2Z... ?
I could not find the possibility to acces Internet-Folders by Kodi...
But you can use e.g. on PC something like RaiDrive (its free) and assign a "local" drive (e.g. ZSmile to google drive. Then you find "Z:" in Kodi and you can access all you want on your google Drive.
With Android this works also with e.g. FileManager+ . There you can go to "Cloud" and klick on any Video of your google drive an you get a list of all installed players (e.g.Kodi etc) for opening the video.

I cannot understand why Kodi does not provide the possibility to stream from a internet-sources (like the URL above). If this was possible, you would not need any connection to Goggle drive, entering no account-information etc., nothing, just the URL like the one above...
Kodi 18 Does solve nothing concerning this problem: How to open shared Videos in Google Drive without logging in into Google drive...
You say you can wathch GD-Videos in Kodi without logging in to google drive? Without the GD-App or an equivalent (e.g. a local disk drive that is in reality GD)?
Dear @cguZZMan , thank you for your great addon. I have 1 question that when it can support subtitles have format .smi Huh
well done mate, works great.
little issue is when selecting export STRM the attached screen is not clickeble when using a remote (I'm using an Android streamer here), so i must connect a mouse to control it :

attached the screen that is not clickble when using remote :
need a help..dumb question
How to add Google Drive as a source?
1. Add an account.
2. The source path is: http://localhost:8587/source/.

how do i do it?
i have added a team drive into the addon and can play the files from there.
but i want to scan the files as movies and see in my library.
pls help

i went to video-files-add videos
now what option do i select here? is it add network location -> web server directory?
type - http://localhost:8587/source/
is this right? should i type source or type my google id?
Just installed your add-on onto my phone with Kodi 17.6. Would like to play music while I work (I drive a cab). Running into an issue with file structures. If a music file is in the root Drive folder, the add-on sees it and will play it. But when I add a discography of a particular artist or band, when I select that folder it doesn't see any of the albums in that directory. 

Example: Alanis Morisette's "Uninvited" is in my Drive root file. This file plays fine for me. But as a test I have Pink Floyd's entire discography on my drive. I can see the folder "Pink Floyd" but none of the albums inside that folder appear. 

Did I do something wrong during setup? If I did and can get the add-on to recognize each album under a particular artist, will I be able to easily select playing that entire album? The stock Google player for Drive only allows for one song at a time. Suggestions?
Hello, thanks for such a great add-on. I am new to trying to create strm files. I've tried a couple times and it acts like it's doing it, but nothing seems to be created. Up in the right hand corner I see it giving the percent as it goes through each directory, but I've never gotten files out of it
Here are my questions
I have the strm files going back to my cloud drive in a specific directory, is that allowed? Is there a better way?
Do I need to sort them by TV and movie?
Can I share the strm files with someone else and it stream?