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Full Version: Google Drive for KODI
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Using the add-on to play video now we can set the favourite resolution. Could you extend the pop up timeout period. It is a bit fast.

I noticed each time I open a folder with video artwork downloader start scanning. Folders are not added to my library. Not a big problem just to know.
@peppe_sr I'll put the popup timeout as a config parameter in next release.

I didn't get the issue with the artwork downloader. I don't use that addon, but if you elaborate the issue I could take a look.
Hello, I'm having issues with the "Add an account" portion. I downloaded Google Drive for kodi and for some reason the https://kodi-login.herokuapp.com/ is not authenticating my code and I tried it several times on different internet engine platforms and my wifi is on the same network as my kodi so I dont know whats the mishap.
Are you aware that those scumbags TV Addons mentioned your addon ?
New version coming?
@NOTSPAM may be it's because the login url is not the correct. If you are using the newest version, the new webpage to login is https://drive-login.herokuapp.com/. Please note the chage to "drive-login" instead of kodi-login.
This is because Kodi Team asked me to change it and not use their name, which sounds fair to me.

So in simple put, just double check the URL that the popup with the code and countdown is displaying and use that URL.
@keithcq71 I didn't know that. I'll check what is it about.

And yes, the new version is coming to the official repository. But the Kodi Team is still deciding about it.
In the meantime you can get it from my repository (https://github.com/cguZZman/repository.plugins). It has all the major problems fixed and added the transcoding option which will be improving with the time.
Why would the Kodi team have an issue?

I don't think it's possible but do you have any plans or ideas as to how to get the creation of strms file to be made automatically on a schedule?
@beljim7419 it's the next thing to do in the to-do list: https://github.com/cguZZman/plugin.googledrive/issues
No ETA thou. I haven't had much free time these days.
sweet. i'll keep one eye open.
Can someone help me, I think I'm stupid. ^^ what do I have to enter to integrate GDrive?



I have tried this but there is an error message.



if I access via addon it works.

Do I have to enter my access data again?
Trying to add code doesnt work
@WeesteWatt You are trying to add it as a webdav server. It must be as a "Web server directory (HTTP)". 
Anyway I don't recommend you yet to use the addon as a source to add your videos to your library. It's slow. If you want to add it to your library you can export a folder to strm and then add the strm to the library.
Ok. is it possible to scrape by .nfo when its added with .strm?
because I have created some own series with .nfo

Web server directory (HTTP) dosen´t work, too. KODI freeze for some seconds und then it shows the same error....
No. But the metadata will be automatically downloaded if your folders' names follow the naming convention.