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Full Version: kodi 17.6 on android 7.2.1 on S912 box with tvheadend live tv streams
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Hi all,

I have got a s912 based box with android 7.1.2.
Installed the kodi app from the playstore and set it up for my tvheadend server.

Now I notice that my tvheadend [email protected] live tv streams are deinterlaced but only @ 25Hz instead of 50Hz.

How do i force live tv streams to 50 Hz?

Known issue with AMLogic and Android Kodi - there is no fix for Android Kodi Krypton for those 25fps AML issues

Deinterlacing is also not reliable either with ALL Android Kodi Krypton, especially the TvHeadend PVR Addon:

306137 (thread)

You have to use SPMC 16.7.1 which still has Amcodec hardware acceleration and reliable hardware deinterlacing working OR Dual boot and use the much preferred S912 LibreELEC Kodi solution which also still uses Amcodec as well:

50i once deinterlaced is 25Hz.