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Full Version: Subtitles for foreign parts only
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Hi everyone. 

I'm new here so a big HELLO to you all. Smile

I'm using Kodi Krypton 17.6 on my Android TV. It really is as good as people say. It plays pretty much everything.

There are always films or tv series which have foreign dialect in them and I'd like to know an easy way of obtaining the subtitles for the foreign parts only. I have setup the subtitle search option to use opensubtitles. It does a great job of finding subtitles for pretty much everything and finds plenty of subtitle files but they are usually either subtitles for all of the dialect or english dialect only. There never seem to be any which are listed as 'for foreign parts only'.

Have any of you managed to find an easy way to find English subtitles for the foreign spoken parts?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance. Smile
They're normally known as "forced subtitles"
Hi DarrenHill. Smile

Thanks for that. Is there a way to set Kodi to search for forced subtitles?
Some of the subtitle sites have them (eg subscene) but it's a bit hit and miss.

Remember we don't provide subtitles (or indeed any media) so all you can do is try the various subtitles addons and explore what the various sites have to offer. Or just browse them outside kodi, and if you find a suitable file then download it and place it with the movie media file and kodi should see it (or just point kodi at it via the OSD when playing the film).
Alrighty then. Thanks very much for your help. Smile