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Full Version: "Loading" stays on screen when playing Youtube videos
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I really love the skin, it's actually my long time favourite.

One issue I noticed on my LibreELEC 8.2.1 install (Kodi 17.6) while using Youtube add-on version 5.4.5 (Hardware: Wetek Core):

Whenever the next video is played automatically, the "LOADING.." message (including the screen overlay) stays on the screen the whole time.

If I hit pause and then play again, the message is gone, but is stuck there again as soon as the next recommended video is played automatically.

Since the issue is not there on the Estuary skin, I suppose it's skin related. 

Here is the output of dmesg while this was happening: http://sprunge.us/IiZK

Thank you!
Is anyone else experiencing this?

Weirdly, when debug logging is enabled, the video overlay turns off as soon as the video starts Smile
P.S. here is kodi.log while the issue is happening


At 8:56 I changed back log level to normal, as the issue was not appearing with debug logging enabled

I then played 2 Youtube videos, as soon as the second one started, the overlay with the “Loading...” message remained on screen while the video was playing

The only error message I see in the log is this:
Hi, was wondering if someone is reading these posts Smile

Is no one else experiencing this issue?

Kind regards,