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Full Version: A little help or advice on backups
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I have addons and settings as I like on my PC running latest Kodi 17.6 stable with Confluence skin.

I want to transfer that setup (essentially) to an old Android TV box, but it has Kitkat 4.4.2 and is running Jarvis 16.1.
I'm happy with it running that way. I'm also using Confluence skin on the box.

I tried doing a backup of my PC configuration and then restoring it in the Android box.
I know that some addons won't run at all, but I just planned on uninstalling them in the box.

The problem is that when I did the restore on the box, the Confluence menus got all messed up. Many aren't visible (maybe because they were the new Confluence menus under the 17.6 installation on the PC).

Does anyone know if I can somehow clean and fix that? Can I copy the data in the data folders or delete something in the userdata folder (or whatever the files holding the menu items on the Confluence skin in a Jarvis installation and somehow keep most of the backed up addons that I'm trying to transfer over from the PC install under Krypton)?

I hope I'm making a clear enough question for someone to be able to help. If not, please ask me to supply the relevant information.
Kodi backups from one operating system being put on another operating system will get you into trouble.
File paths for one are pretty different in Windows and Linux environments.
Confluence may be available in Jarvis and Kryption, but the underlying functionality has its differences.
Either keep the Kodi versions the same, or get ready for different setups & backups.