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Full Version: Fire Stick Kodi 17.6 on virgin media hub 3 SMB problems
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Hi wonder if someone can help as this is doing my nut in... I have two Amazon Fire sticks, one running Kodi 17.4 and the other Kodi 17.6 both were working with SMB file share from my network space 2 network drive when I had the BT home hub network up and running. I chanced to a Virgin 3 hub when I finally was able to get virgin media installed now the fire stick running Kodi 17.6 does not pick up smb. The Fire Stick running the older build Kodi 17.4 sees my network drive no problem and steams fine. Any Guess or solutions please. I have tried most of the utube tutorials and this has not helped over the last 5 days. ps please make it laymans terms as not a expert at networking. Thank you in advance