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Full Version: Why cant i find the harddrives in KODI?
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Having an internal harddrive, and one usb-harddrive

Dont know the version of KODI, but just recently got it from the play store

Using android as OS, and i cant find any of my drives inside KODI.. is there a specific search-path to look for?

One disc is a 4tb seagate Ironwolf, the other is a 2tb Segate (external usb-disc)

Hello @najkks

I am assuming you have installed the official version of Kodi now.

A link to the First Time User page in the Wiki. Have a read of Basic Controls and Quick Start Guide First_time_user (wiki)

324937 (thread)
Make sure your drives are not in some hibernate state and properly disconnected from Windows. Also double-check for any disk errors. Linux can be picky when mounting non-Linux drives.
yes KODI installed now

well i did fint them, and scraped okey

but why cant i find the discs in my network?
it would be easier to transfer new files into them thru the network i think!
im having same problem i cant connect to smb workgroup on android, windows or raspberrypi
why is this?

should'nt it be more easy to access the harddrive/disc mounted to the egreat-player than this?
Look under videos > files and see if they are there.

That's where usb drives normally appear and can be scanned or added to the library via their context menu.
Suddenly KODI wont allow me to use the "backwards /return" button

So i have to restart everything if i want to jump back to the earlier menu

Can someone explain if this is normal?!
nevermind, found the button on the remote for backwards Smile
hmm.. Master key lock - how do i disable that?

don't know why it appeared, but now i almost always have to enter a 4-digit code to change the settings in KODI