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Full Version: Is there a good add-on similar to WMC for playing your own music?
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I am looking for a good interface to play my own large (20k) library of music.  The built in music is slow and seems ill suited to a library my size (using Pi 3).  I also prefer the look and feel of WMC, which I used to use.  Is there anything out there?  Most searches turn up only streaming add-ons.
No, the built in player is what you want. Not sure why are having problems, I assume you have scanned your library?
I scanned it.  I had better luck on my Pi version of Kodi. On Windows it only scanner 5k out of 20k songs.  And none of my playlists (m3u with relative references). I started the scan again...we'll see what happens. 

Are there any better visualizations other than soundwaves on the screen?  I preferred scrolling album art from my collection like WMC.

Edit: I am using the Arctic Zephyr skin which I love but the music part is boring.