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Full Version: Refresh metadatas after changing language
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I recently installed Kodi on my smart TV and added my NAS as source for Tv Shows and films. Metadatas has been generated but in english (and I'm french).

I changed en/us to fr in add-ons parameters of The Movie DB and TVDB (2 addons there), then tried to clean up and refresh database in Kodi settings but it doesn't work, metadatas are still in english.

So how can I do this ? If I need to remove my source from Kodi (nas) first, can you tell me how to do it please ?

Refreshing your database that way is unfortunately not possible.
You will first have to un-set the content setting of your movies and tvshow sources. Then subsequently have their paths cleaned.
Then re-set the content for each source with the new language parameter(s) and rescrape both your movies and tvshow collections.
Thanks for your answer.

Can you tell me how to unset and reset the content ? Is it directly through Kodi ?
Unsetting the content of a source is simply setting the content to 'None' via the sources in Files, using the Kodi GUI. Smile
Ok thanks, i will try this.
It worked thank you!

First time I synchronized (so in English) it took about 20min but this time, in French, more than 1 hour...  Sleepy

I'm doing it for my movies now.