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Full Version: Cannot Play 4K Video
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I have KODI 17.5 on Amazon Fire TV (2nd Gen 2016), KODI will not play 4K content, the Fire TV does play 4K w/o issue.
Videos freeze when they open, I have tried adjusting resolution settings but that does not help.

Searching 4K or UHD in the Forum Search is invalid due to being too short of a search term.   Oo
I have noticed more than a few people with this issue in the forum (paging thru  Confused ), with others blaming host HW, that is not the case IMHO.

So I guess the better solution would be a Wiki or Forum post that tells us what settings/steps should be taken to ensure KODI is setup properly for 4K resolution.

Thanks for listening... 
Will W.
You don;t say if you are running wired networking or wireless, but my experience is...

I have a FireTV 2nd Gen, Wired networking, and had issues with 4k content over the network as well. It turned out that the video had TrueHD audio, and the FireTV doesn't have the hardware to decode that properly. After I converted TrueHD to AC3 (which is fine for my purposes), all 4k content has played fine.
I'm running on AC wireless and FTV has no issue, so I switched to wired Ethernet and that solved the issue, seems odd that there is just not quite enough bandwidth getting thru to cause the issue.
I tried running the TrueHD audio track and that was not an issue, worked fine.

This is what I hate, no consistency... but I guess that's why we called them problems.
Then the TV up-scales to 4K so maybe just stick with 1080p content and let the TV do the heavy lifting....  Wink
so what is the problem? is it the cable? im also having similar problem
It is difficult to know where your problem is without a crystal ball or a debug log (wiki).
(2017-12-09, 23:46)nickr Wrote: [ -> ]It is difficult to know where your problem is without a crystal ball or a debug log (wiki).
You can play the 4K video on Kodi with the link removed
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