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Full Version: 3d checkerboard not outputting stereoscopic 3d correctly
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Hi All.

I've recently installed Kodi on Windows to try out the native 3d checkerboard output feature. Previously I'd been running Kodi on Linux, outputting 3d in SBS, and using an external converter to change the SBS to checkerboard.

Long story short, at least in my case, it seems like the native checkerboard 3d isn't being output correctly. I've attached a couple of pictures that I took of my TV screen that show the differences between working checkerboard and not working. The first working one is Kodi outputting SBS and an external device converting it to Checkerboard. The second not working one is Kodi outputting checkerboard directly.

Admittedly my photos of my TV screen aren't the best but..

Checkerboard 3d working: https://snag.gy/thNsok.jpg
Checkerboard 3d not working: https://snag.gy/RrGh1m.jpg

Comparing the two images, what stands out most clearly is that in the "working" image, the left and right are spread a lot further apart than in the "not working" image. Looking at the 1's in the working image, the tip of the 1 on the right barely touches the 1 on the left, whereas in the "not working" image there's a lot more overlap between the 1's. Another example, in the "working" image the left side of the 4 is inside the :, whereas in the "not working" image, the left side of the 4 is to the right of the colon. The amount of overlap between the to 0's is completely different in the "working" and "not working" images.

Since checkerboard is a Windows only feature, I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be doing some sort of OS or video driver tweaks to get this working right. I've disabled stereoscopic support in my Nvidia driver, and I'm running fullscreen. 

I doubt that I'm the only person who's tried to use checkerboard so I must be doing something wrong. Any help to get this working would be greatly appreciated.
Wild shot in the dark here....
About 10 years ago I manually edited my 3D display HDMI input name to 'PC' to activate checkerboard in 3D mode selections, otherwise it simply didn't exist.
There were many detriments including most of the display settings greyed out.
There was no external device needed.  Perhaps that will allow you to use the feature in Kodi although SBS would probably produce more depth?
I would also assume that 3D needs to be activated globally and in the GPU settings.  It is for me. 
So, make sure right click desktop/Display settings/3D display mode is ON and same with stereoscopic in the NVidia control panel (NCP).
None of this may apply for you but just sayin'.
Thanks for the shot in the dark, but like you said I don't think this really applies.

Checkerboard is enabled in Kodi on Windows. This feature got added in v16 Jarvis I think. It's pretty new, so I'm trying to take advantage of a native Kodi feature that didn't exist 10 years ago.

My DLP TV only supports checkerboard. That's why I have to use Windows, or in the past an external SBS -> Checkerboard converter. It's not an issue of my TV not being in the right mode. It only has one 3d mode. The issue is that the pattern Kodi is putting out seems to be a bit off.

Kodi Wiki page specifically says to turn 3d support off in the OS display drivers. Which makes sense. Kodi is generating the 3d checkerboard pattern. Just seems to be off a bit.
Anyone have any knowledgeable or authoritative feedback? Am I the only one on this forum who's tried to use checkerboard? Is anyone using checkerboard successfully?

If not then I suppose I'll submit a bug report...
I also have a dlp display. Mitsubishi dlp 3d tv, I have tried to figure out how to play 3d contents from kodi in checkerboard format. So far no luck. I heard there is this software call Bino, I just can’t figure out how to install it in kodi. I don’t know why checkerboard format on kodi is not look at. Can someone please help?