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Full Version: About the python 3 migration forum
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This forum section can be used by python addon developers to ask questions, share tips or help others with porting kodi addons to python 3.

1 thread per support request please

- Please use a descriptive thread title
- Be as detailed as possible about the problem you have
- Explain what you have tried so far and what worked / didn't work
- Provide a step-by-step list on how to reproduce your problem
- Include a link to the source code of your addon
- Include a Debug Log of the problem you're having

Please read our wiki arcticle about the basics of porting a Kodi addon to Python3:

Roman_V_M has created a python library that makes it easy to use the kodi python modules in a py2/py3 compatible way:

NOTE: This section is for python 3 development only. Any questions about python 2 should go in the Development > Add-ons forum.