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Full Version: AutoCompletion - Why is it write a txt file on each operation
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I have noticed that when you type something in the keyboard and auto completion starting his operation,
it also write a txt file with this content for example:
["wonder", ["wonder woman", "wonderwall", "wonder", "wonderful life", "wonderland", "wonder woman theme", "wonderful", "wonderful world", "wonder girls", "wonder woman trailer"], [], {"googleConfuseduggesttype": ["QUERY", "QUERY", "QUERY", "QUERY", "QUERY", "QUERY", "QUERY", "QUERY", "QUERY", "QUERY"]}]

The files ae located here:

Why is it? What is the purpose of writing this on each typing-search?
Ho can I avoid?

Because after a long time, there is a lot of unnecessary files that you don't need.
A big amount of files can be make the copy-paste or the compressing to be slow.

I just disable the auto-completion addon.
Yes, I know that I can disable it.
But I still want to use it, I think it's useful.