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Full Version: Can anyone please help?
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I purchased a T95m 4k believing it was preloaded with all that I needed to view TV.  Like plug and play.  I know so little about this product that I do not even understand how to find help in this forum.  My home page for Kodi looks so different than anything I see on YouTube that I am having difficulty following any video instructions.  If I do get anywhere such as, my apps, when I look for any apps the page has a message at the top that says 0/0.  The downloader that I some how installed says (when I open Kodi) update failed.  Is there any written owners manuals that will help me get through this frustration.  I am connected to my network but every effort to install anything I get a message that says something about not being able to connect to my server.  I am lost and need any and all the help that I can get.  I do not understand what I am reading on your forum, so I do not know where to look for help.
Do you understand this? https://kodi.tv/article/piracy-box-selle...lling-kodi or this? piracy policy (wiki) or these forum rules (wiki) that you agreed to abide by?
Hello Underinformed

Well you certainly chose a suitable username Wink

The answers you are looking for, in relation to "preloaded with all that I needed to view TV", are not available here. Instead you are about to receive a lecture on what Kodi is, and what we won't do. I'll keep it short.

Kodi is an open source, free to use, media player for, predominately, your local content. ie media on your hard drives. If you purchased a fully loaded box, then that is not our product, nor our responsibility. We won't assist you in obtaining Pirated and Copyright Infringing material. You are on your own for that. Plenty of useless youtube videos that you can access for that.

There is no support here for Banned Add-ons (wiki) that breach our Forum Rules (wiki). (make sure you read those two links) A good rule of thumb... If you did not download it from the official Kodi sites, or from a link that you found on this site, then don't ask for assistance with it.

Our user manual can be found here... http://kodi.wiki/view/Main_Page

As you have paid money for your product, I suggest contacting the retailer for assistance.

Please feel free to ask questions that are not contrary to our forum rules though.
Thank you Bry and Karellen, I think the research is beyond my skill set at this time and so my logical choice is to do my best to return this product for a refund.  I am disappointed to discover that I was sold a bill of goods and that to view my desired programing would likely be pirated material.  When it sounds to good to be true, it usually is! Thanks again for your help.
If you decide to retry Kodi, you can download Kodi from here using the Download button located next to the Kodi logo top left of the screen. It is free.

Simply install on a computer and have a play with it. If you have some music or Movies/TV Shows on your HDD, give Kodi access and add them to the library. You might become addicted...