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Full Version: Retrogames
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Hi All ,,
cause -Wolf-pack is offline ,, have been looking arround how to play retrogames into kodi
have a old raspberry installed with retropie , works great
but have also an Asrock Core 100HT-BD (i3 with 4gb)
installed with Libreelec it runs great and fast and do use it only as mediaplayer
now i thought to look for something so i can use the asrock for all

now i did read in kodi 18 probably retropie wilt be build in ? (this would be a great thing)
but till then ,, 
have been looking on internet ,, but all the add ons i can find are offline ,,
found a other wolf-pack but it isn't like the old one ,,
is there any way to play retrogames on kodi ?
have many roms for the nes , snes , nintendo 64 , commodore 64
so anyone can point me into a direction ?