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Full Version: Resolution issue
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I hope I am posting in the correct section.... but I've got a bit of an unusual problem with my kodi installation.

I am running Kodi on my computer (2 screens ) and am using it mainly to watch tv on the secondary screen while working on my main display.
The issue seem to lie in the fact that both screens use different resolutions.

I was using "Isengard" without an issue but in the end had to udate to 16 (now using 17)  because all the plugins I was using stopped working.
But with the update to "Jarvis" my problems began:

I no longer can use fullscreen  on my secondary display - not even resize the window to near fullscreen.
As soon as I try to do so, the right part of the video get's cropped off (black bar... for about 1/3rd of the screen)
When I set my secondary monitor to being the main display, it works ok .. but I can't use this as permanent setting, since this messes up all my other settings and the secondary monitor is only switche on from time to time.

I figure the different screen resolutions might be the issue... weird thing though is, that no other player has an issue and even kodi used to handle this well in the older versions.
Any ideas what I could try?

my setup:
win7 64bit
Intel HD 4600
main display:  1600 x 1200 (connected by dvi)
secondary display: 1920 x 1080 (connected via hdmi)