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Full Version: Howto add extra MP3 tag information in full screen mode (Music)
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I would like to add some extra mp3 tag information of the music being played on the full screen mode.

It looks default like this (with Title + Artist + Album):

I would like to add the Year somewhere. For example behind the Title:

I've been searching the internet and the xml files in \AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\skin.fuse.neue\ but I cannot make heads or tails from it.

Is this rocket science? Or doable?
Hmm, lots of views but no reply. I guess the adding of extra mp3-tag information on screen is not that easy to accomplish...
Edit 1080i/Includes_OSD.xml

You need to edit the OSD_Music_Info include

If you want to add it to the title, look for the label control with the following label (line 59).

You need to add $INFO[MusicPlayer.Year, (,)] to that label
The part after the first comma is text to add before the label, and the part after adds it to the end of the label - so in this case you will get parentheses around the (year).

Add the info label like so:
<label>$INFO[Player.Title]$INFO[MusicPlayer.Year, (,)]</label>
I'm seriously grateful for your reply. It's simply spot-on.
It works like a charm.