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Full Version: “Adjust Display Refresh Rate” inconsistent behaviour through (Thunderbolt)/USB-C dock
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From a MacBook Pro 2016 to an LG OLED TV through a Kensigton SD4600P USB-C dock (HDMI), “Adjust Display Refresh Rate: on start/stop” doesn't work for 25fps videos (both screens flicker during 5-10 seconds, then video is played with judder on the TV, in 60Hz refresh rate instead of 25Hz).

The same hardware and setting works for 23.976fps videos.

Using an Apple USB-C digital AV multiport adapter (HDMI) instead of the dock, the same setting works for 23.976fps and 25fps videos.

I'd like to know if anyone experiences the same issue with docks (any brand), and if using a Thunderbolt dock instead of a USB-C one would resolve the problem.