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Full Version: how to stop the videoplayer when IPTV stream freezes?
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My IPTV stream is not so stable, it freezes sometimes . When i wait for 30 sec sometimes longer of shorter, the stream will continue again or will kill the stream/videoplayer. If it will kill/stop the videoplayer i can  start the videoplayer again
If the stream freezes , i can press the stopbutton in the menu but this will course a compleet hangup of the  system. i can reboot the system, and start the IPTV stream..   But it will be nice that i can stop manually the player, so i can start directly a IPTV stream again

Is there a way to do that HuhHuhHuhHuhHuh
Does somebody know why a freezed IPTV stream could course a hangup of a system , when pressing the stop button in the menus ?
People can't help you without a debug log (wiki).
Note that this section is not the support forum and nobody needs to post a debug log if not requested by myself.

Nevertheless, I fixed the issue: https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/13483
Hi Fernetmenta

You fixed it . Nice... thanks
But where will this fix be intergrated In.
Only in kodi 18 or also in kodi 17.x?

I hope I can use it soon

Only v18