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Full Version: KODI Amber Skin - Home Shelf Error "invalid destination window: video"
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Hi - 

Love Amber and have been playing with it in 17.6 Krypton... Works amazingly well but I think there is a bug in the includes_shelf_Contents.xml

Lines 83 to 87:

    <param name="listitemtarget1">video</param>
    <param name="listitemtarget2">video</param>
    <param name="listitemtarget3">video</param>
    <param name="listitemtarget4">video</param>
    <param name="listitemtarget5">video</param>

As is, this makes Kodi point to a Skin Shortcut (I think...) for "Video" but, according to another thread that changed to "Videos" with an "S" in Krypton...

End result is that any custom menu items have a widget that you cannot click on and doing so generates a log entry like this:
Quote:20:01:51.341 T:140735591273280   DEBUG: ProcessMouse: trying mouse action leftclick
20:01:51.342 T:140735591273280   ERROR: Window Translator: Can't find window video
20:01:51.342 T:140735591273280   ERROR: Activate/ReplaceWindow called with invalid destination window: video
20:01:51.958 T:140735591273280   DEBUG: ProcessMouse: trying mouse action leftclick
I modified the file locally and changed it to:

    <param name="listitemtarget1">videos</param>
    <param name="listitemtarget2">videos</param>
    <param name="listitemtarget3">videos</param>
    <param name="listitemtarget4">videos</param>
    <param name="listitemtarget5">videos</param>

And now my custom menu items (all playlists) have nice filtered widgets!! Its really cool as hell...

So.. Not sure if its a bug or what... But if you modify those for Krypton... Amber becomes and even more perfect skin!!