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Full Version: Can I export/sync "My Ratings" for Kodi music?
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I am going through a huge library of music and my primary goal right now is just to explore the tracks that I really like. I am using the my ratings feature for this.

However, I might change the system that I am using in a couple of weeks or maybe more. Is there a way that I can export my ratings outside Kodi like we export our library?

It would be utterly useless if I lose all the ratings when I change the system. My primary aim at using XBMC / Kodi is to get track ratings to help me sort through this large libraries and find music that I can use while coding/working.
yes you can, not exporting them, but "backup" them to theaudiodb.com you just need a account, 
Yep back them up to TADB using that Add-on and sync between extra kodi clients (if you have them).

I now feel assured I will never loose my track and album ratings.

I'm still wondering if its a good idea to export my playcount as well, as I find that useful for browsing music too.