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Full Version: Making tags persist through refresh
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Maybe there is a better method or tool for this.

I used tagging to select movies for a playlist. Eg - Holiday Movies (including Die Hard)

I was doing a metadata refresh and lost the tags. Luckily I only did it on a few movies. Are there any better strategies for making tags stick? Or a tool for managing tags besides the Kodi GUI?
Personally, when I have edited the movie data to my needs I then perform an import_export (wiki) of the library. This exports the new metadata to a nfo file (wiki), that Kodi can then use to re-scrape your data if you rebuild your library. It will preserve your movie data, including tags, playcounts, watched status etc. All explained in the wiki links provided.

But you haven't explained the reason for performing the metadata refresh, so I don't know if the above will suit you.

I did it because I used local NFO files to make a movie set rather than a playlist.

I wanted to do things a little smarter this time around.