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Full Version: [POLL] Ace reloaded
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Hey guys!

I am working on a port of the original Ace skin to the latest version of Kodi (Leila) and was wondering how many people would be interested for me to share it with the community?

The port was actually meant for my own usage, as I would have to ask MarcosQui for his permission to let me take over the development and share my work with others.
I am therefore wondering if people are interested, to consider whether getting in touch with MarcosQui, setting up a repo, provide proper credits etc. is worth it or not.

The proposed port would include:
  • many bug fixes
  • a refreshed look
  • new features
  • focus on performance (eventually moving to a vertical only home menu)

If you are interested, simply post a comment below Wink
Id def be interested, was one of my favorite skins a few versions ago.
If you make to be light version for low machine like raspi...I will use.
I am also very interested in this skin.
yes I would be interested thank you.
(2017-12-28, 09:33)Angelinas Wrote: [ -> ]If you make to be light version for low machine like raspi...I will use.
 I will be using it on a Raspberry Pi 3, so I will try to make it as light as possible.
I have ported most of the functionalities according to the new API now, and I have come across a lot of old code which is not optimized.
Making the skin vertical only would also make it faster as many boolean checks could be removed, making the overall flow less condition based.

If enough people are interested, I will make a new poll about making the skin vertical only, as I feel most people using the Ace skin used it in vertical mode.
I'm very interested!
I'd be interested.  I use the horizontal menu though.  If it was vertical only I think I'd pass.
MarcosQui announced recently begin work in one new version Ace 2 for use with Kodi Leia...

more one for test .....congrulations
When you say a "refreshed look" -- what would you be looking to change? I've been stuck on 16.1 Jarvis because I have the WAF buy-in with this layout... and change is hard. 

I would absolutely be interested, except I'm in the bandwagon of I still like the horizontal layout.  I'm all for updates, but just hoping there won't be too many changes where it feels like a non-Ace skin. I'd still love to see this get ported, just because I am already assuming that Ace2 will be a redesign and likely won't get buy-in in my household.