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Full Version: How to "force" the scrapers to find a movie ?
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Hi everyone,

Sometimes I add a movie which name is not recognized by the TMDB scraper. Because the title is not complete, or I added some informations in that title (and, yes, I need to keep these infos in the title).
So when this happens, KODI simply ignore the movie. So  I can't choose or modify anything, because the movie does not appears in the movie collection.

Is it possible to "tell" Kodi that:
1) In this folder, there is a movie
2) Ok, Mister movie scraper, you don't find this movie in your database. Don't panic, everything is fine. Just let me tell you the correct name of this movie, and then you'll find it in your database.

Thank you for your help !
Yes, that is very simple to solve. Use a Parsing NFO File... http://kodi.wiki/view/Nfo#Parsing_nfo
Thank you for your answer.
But in 2.2 Parsing nfo  , it's written :

"2. Ensure you have named your files/folder the same as shown on the scraper site and in accordance with the Kodi naming conventions"

And that is exactly my problem. I have movies whose titles are so specific that the scraper does not find anyhing, and the movie is simply ignored by Kodi.
That applies more to TV Shows that require the SxxExx in the name. In my experience, the Movie section isn't quite so demanding. I have even scraped a completely different movie using the NFO file. Try it.

Just make sure the actual xx.nfo file is correctly named. Click on the link to Movie NFO for the correct name which depends on your folder structure. If you have a single movie in its own folder, then the generic movie.nfo is safe to use.
I tried, but it's not working.
As I said, Kodi simply ignores the movie.

I did that (example for the movie "Frenzy")

And in the nfo, is the TMDB URL for the movie.
(2017-12-27, 10:51)Groooompf Wrote: [ -> ]I did that (example for the movie "Frenzy")

Nope, that is not right. In your example, then it should be this...

Oh, ok! Now it works perfectly !
Thank you for your time an kindness!
You are welcome. Enjoy Smile
Thread marked solved.