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Full Version: VPN - IP address visibility
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I would like to see user internal IP address and external IP address at the top of the Kodi screen (or somewhere clearly visible at all times). This would be a very easy way for those using a VPN router to know at a glance, and continually, whether their VPN is working correctly.
A VPN is not a primary requirement for using Kodi, therefore moving this to off-topic.
Zomboided is a vpn manager addon. Perhaps you could put a request to display the ip address
I am a huge fan of Kodi and love to watch movies on Kodi but problem is that some @Karellen- Link removed are restricted in my region that is why I am using VPNĀ  to access those repositories.

You have had a good run on this forum, but time for you to go. All your posts are either linking to banned or paid products, or are just pointless.