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Full Version: No Sound Watching "Live" TV on Latest alpha's
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Ive been testing the last few nightlies. I have a problem on my main PVR with my Argus TV backend. I get no sound if watching live ie "switch to" from channels or Guide.
It shows no audio streams present at all. If I record while im watching then view from recordings it is fine (and I see the audio stream but not if watching live. It is also quite stuttery until i skip back a bit then it play OK, so I think there is a buffering issue somewhere. 

I have both ArgusTV and DVBViewer back ends and DVBviewer works fine for live TV (although I only use it for IPTV channels)

I've tried a clean install (rather than update over my 17.6 install) and its still the same

Any ideas?

Cheers Dave