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Full Version: EDL files not behaving as expected
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I was poking around in the Wiki and discovered EDL files.  I thought it would be a great way to skip the lengthy credits on Deep Space Nine.  Usually the chapter skip (big jump) works but sometimes the chapter marker is in the wrong place.  I figured I could spend a little time creating EDL files and just have the player skip over the opening credits for a seamless experience

The first episode I tried it on had the credits starting at 3:46 (226 seconds) and the credits ended at 5:42 (342 seconds) so I created the EDL file as follows:
226 342 0

I've also tried
3:46 5:42 0

When I play the episode, it does jump forward at the 3:46 (226 second) mark as requested but it seems to be landing at a point that's approximately twice as far as it should.  The really odd thing is the display shows 5:42 even though the video is around the 7:38 mark.

I've also tried providing roughly calculated frame counts  (342 x 23.976 = 8199) but that jumped to the same spot as specifying a time of 5:42.
#5418 #8199 0

Finally, thinking that maybe a variable frame rate was the issue, I reconverted them with Handbrake using the constant frame rate option.  I get the same results.  Files were ripped using MakeMKV 1.10.8 and converted using HandBrake 1.0.7.

It seems like if I can type 542<ENTER> and jump to 5:42 in a video then the EDL commands should work the same.

Am I missing something?  I've read and reread the wiki page on EDL files in Kodi and nothing is jumping out at me.