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Full Version: pulseaudio raop sink
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I finally made it possible to send audio from my debian to airplay target via raop.
I know it's not so difficult, but I spent many days to get sound....
sound test, "aplay -default ~/noise.wav" worked very well.
I went back kodi and set audio out-put to default and played same test sound using kodi, then I got problem.
I couldn't get any sound from my airplay target.

Could someone help me to find out what is a problem?
I can ggl...but I don't know where to start.

Sorry for my bad English.
Thanks for wading through.
You need to post your Debug Log. If the device is an alsa device only, without a pulseaudio device, you need to start kodi without pulseaudio, by e.g. running kodi as AE_SINK=ALSA kodi
Thanks for replying. Here is kodi Log (https://hastebin.com/utexikuxob.sql)
I changed default sink output from index 0<alsa_output.pci-0000_00_1b.0.analog-stereo> to index 1<raop_output.iPhone.local>(what I'm calling "airplay target") via pacmd
"$ pacmd list-sinks" shows this(https://hastebin.com/nohefepifa.swift)
paplay ~/noise.wav worked well, but kodi can't send audio.
Sorry I can't read(understand) Log, but Kodi is using index 0 as an output?
If you want to use pulseaudio - as it seems you want to - don't start kodi wie AE_SINK=ALSA kodi, but use it with pulseaudio and select the raop_output Iphone device from it.
One more hint: Your installation is full of banned addons - if the mods see this your post gets moved to trash cause of the forum policy. So make sure that the next logs you post don't have this crap installed.
Sorry for my careless. and thanks for your advice.
Pavcontrol loaded an old version of daemon.
hi,@sachi ,could you tell me how you made  debian send audio  to airplay target via raop? I use raspberry pi 3 ,the os is jessie;
Now pacmd list-sink can list  my airplay sinks, but aplay can't make them play sound. When I switch default sink to anologe stereo card ,pulseaudio works well,using aplay to play can be heard sound,but when using pacmd set-default-sink set default sink to my airplay receiver, nothing can be heard.
Using kodi to send songs from raspberry pi to airplay receiver is may final target ,but stuck this step.So hope you could give me some clues ,thanks a lot.