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Full Version: tmm v3 - ALPHA
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the long awaited tmm v3 is now in alpha stage - awaiting feedback from you Smile

the key benefits from v3 are:

- completely redesigned UI (thx to joostzilla)
- fully java 9 compatible
- enhanced NFO/XML parsing engine (much more tolerant to non standard NFO files)
- enhanced NFO writing engine
- completely rewritten renamer engine (you have much more freedom in your renaming templates now)
- completely rewritten table/tree views (selecting and filtering for columns is possible for tables and trees)
- many other things which were too big for v2


you can download the tmm v3 alpha at http://nightly.tinymediamanager.org

as the term alpha indicates, this should ONLY be used for testing (and providing feedback for us) - YOU SHOULD NOT USE THAT ON YOUR MEDIA LIBRARY!
At this stage of development, things may change (including a wipe of your settings and/or database).

If you find any bugs or have any useful feedback - please write it in this thread rather than open bugs at Github.

Happy testing and a happy new year.

known issues so far:
  • most of the translations are missing
  • missing media logos (if you miss some logos/icons for mediainfo, please provide a mediainfo.xml to see what is missing)
  • remember column widths
  • local actor images (.actors) for TV shows
  • actor images for movies are too small
  • in the artwork overview you have to scroll horizontal rather than vertical
  • imdb scraper still broken
  • blurry images (scaling quality increased, should not be a problem any more)
  • title prefix not changing on edit
  • sometimes column data get truncated
  • changing artwork does not work in the editors
  • some settings do not get stored
  • count of elements is not being displayed
  • displaying of votes in the tv show section
  • clipped text below banner
  • clipped text at the renamer warning
  • .actors scraping
  • missing play button
  • unable to change the folder for movie set artwork.
  • Changed Bluray back to Blu-ray
  • TV show language/country get not stored (both reset to the defaults of SHQIP and Australia upon each application restart)
  • downloading of extrafanarts/extrathumbs
  • renaming of multi ep files
  • 3D tag in the movie renamer
  • audio channels with "ch" for the renamer
  • missing rating token for the movie renamer
  • column for audio info
  • column for 3D info
  • storing automatic rename flag for movies
What are the most noticable changes?

Thanks in advance.
First of all, this looks amazing. Great job!

A few things i noticed on first glance. Only tested on movies.

- Graphics in the Details view look blurry in normal view and when you click on them.
- Cast pictures look blurry, maybe that has to do with TMDB because the files are small to begin with (185x278). In the V2 version it doesn't look blurry because the picture frame is smaller.
- If you clear the Title sorting list, it changes language instead of removing items from the list. If you click long enough an error message appears (sorry clicked it away Eek ). Adding and removing prefixes in general only show when you restart and not while you add or remove them.
- The smallest font size i can choose is 12. If i use Verdana, the Year in the list view gets cut off. When using Arial for example, it looks fine.

About cast pictures: It seems that TMM uses the pictures from the overview of the movie. Those are the 185x278 ones i presume. If you click on a cast member there is an 640x960 version, with would look better in the new TMM version i think. No idea how that would work though Smile.
@baer678 I've edited the opening post
@Gendji thanks, will have a look in a few days Wink
@Gendji I've made some changes - should be in the next nightly build. according to the blurry images: I hope the changes are enough (increased the scaling quality, but very small images will stay blurry). Otherwise we have to investigate the problem together
Tested: prefix and column data are fixed .

About the graphics, weird things are happening, i will try to explain.
Also made a TVShow (with 4 seaons) for testing purposes.

- Movies: (* is new)
  • Poster and background still blurry when you click on them. Poster size used 1000x1426, background size used 1920x1080. Both from fanart.tv.
  • Cast is also still blurry.
  • *Changing Poster and background changes the image files used, but they are not showing in TMM even after restart. They are downloaded because i can see the new graphics in the film directory but they do not show in TMM.

- TVShows: here it gets a bit weird Smile
  • Series poster and background both blurry when you click on them. Same sizes (1000x1426 poster 1920x1080 background) both from fanart.tv
  • Season posters however, look fine. They are the same size and all as the series poster. (not blurry like Series poster).
  • Cast pictures are not blurry.
  • Changing Poster and background doesn't work. New ones are not downloaded like with movies and a restart doesn't change that.

I would be happy to help in any way, not a problem.

Few questions: Should i be using Java 9? I am still on the 8 version (update 151).
And were are the cast graphics for TVShows stored? They are not in the directory itself like with movies?.
okay, there was one change from v2 missing, where the lightbox (big image overlay) is not being read from the scaled down cache. Should work in the next version

I may increase the actor artwork size in the scrapers - needs some work
TV show actors are not stored locally - this is an open point
changing the artwork in the editor works now

a new build should be available in a few minutes

btw: you can use java 8 - tmm v3 has been developed with and for java 8. But Java 9 should work aswell
Tested and blurriness of posters and background in both Movie and TVShows is gone.

Changing posters and background works with Movies with one exception. If you choose a poster that was already changed in the background without showing it in TMM, the change is still not visible. Changing to a completely different poster first, solves that problem.

Changing poster and background for TVShow only works on Season posters. Series Poster and background still do not change.

*When you click on a Movie or TVShow poster, there is a delay that shows two other graphics first, before showing the poster. A grey graphic with a white "picture" icon and a graphic with big pixels. Hope i described it correctly Smile
This looks really good, and promising... - Cant wait to start playing around with it...

I guess you'd like crashes reported through GITHUB - And UI & functionality issues reported here in the forum or ?

(The current worst error I've found is - settings are getting dropped and returned to the default settings <-- observed on Windows10)
which setting exactly?
I work with v3 for a long time, and did not discover a setting which is not stored (maybe I do not use that specific setting)
Hi again

I've now verified that these setting errors are both present on my PC as well as on my MAC... 

First of - NFO Certification format - I've changed it to Large Simple - for both movies and TV shows - On TVShows - the setting stays - on Movies, it does not.


Second - Artwork Filenames
For trying something new - I changed all, or most artwork files to be named according to dynamic-(whatever).ext - these settings too, got reset quickly to the defaults.

Third - Movie Renaming - I like my movies to be named without Videoformat and Audiocodec in the title (as the defaults) - So I removed these. This too got returned to default:

Fourth - Subtitle language - Changed the defaults into Danish and  ISO639-2/ 3 Letter - This too got returned in to defaults of SHQIP and 2 letter --> This happens both under Movies AND TV Shows...
Another minor issue I noticed - The total count of movies is cut-of or not displayed:

@Kadang I could not reproduce points 1 to 3. They will be stored for me. BE AWARE: if you press one of the preset buttons, default settings for that media center will be set (including all of the items you mentioned in 1 - 3).
Point 4 is a bug and will be fixed soon.

I know that element counts do not work at the moment - missed to fixed that for ages Big Grin
Tested: Changing TVShow Series poster and delay when you click a poster both fixed.
Tried the new version - and it's gotten better - All the settings are now kept in place across an application restart (or crash) - Except for one --> Settings/Tv Shows/Scraper/Preferred Language or Certification country. Both are reset to the defaults of SHQIP and Australia, across every time I restart App. All other settings appear to be the same as I set them.  Cool

BUT - Confused  - I get a lot of crashes during scraping or rename&cleanup - sometimes it works and sometimes it crashes without any error popping up. Will try and see if can get a log file into Pastebin...  I guess it's the hs_err_pidxxx.log you 'need'

Crashes are on macOS 10.13 and JRE (1.8.0_151-b12)

I do very often run into an error something like:
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