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Full Version: Audio distortion during live playback on XBox One
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Congrats and thank you for the XBox UAP app!

I'm using the Next PVR plug-in for live TV playback.  There is some intermittent audio distortion during playback.  Video looks fine.  I get the distortion on XBox One S and X.  I don't have this problem using Kodi 17.6 on a PC.

New to Kodi so let me know if collecting logs will help.
Yes a debug log (wiki) is helpful please.
I can confirm the same audio distortion on Live TV and TVH as backend. Will upload the log later on. All working fine on RPI and three different PC's from same source.
Is it possible to install other version that 18A on Xbox One?
It's a know issue. No need for logs.

No there are no other xbox builds available.