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Full Version: Xbox one hardware
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Hi.. very novice kodi user. But have been using for a few years.. just installed the new beta app for xbox one.. seems good, but i noticed that the system info under hardware says total memory7712mb... free memory 997mb 87%full.. considering i havnt even installed a addon yet.. and my xbox is a terabyte harddrive with only 30%used.. this seems odd. What am i missing?
I would imagine that’s showing you the amount of RAM.
(2018-01-01, 19:07)jjd-uk Wrote: [ -> ]I would imagine that’s showing you the amount of RAM.

So can that be opened up?or is it fine? Again. This is on a fresh install of the app from the xbox store.. seems weird to be nearly overfilled of ram.without even installing any addons ..
any modern os tries to use as much as possible of system ram, at any point in time. it's *SYSTEM* memory usage. you *WANT* it to be as high as possible. it means the os is doing its job caching stuff, keeping that game running in the background etc. resource use is good.
Well there ya go.. thanks for the info..