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Full Version: Video stalls after 10-30 seconds for movies as well as live TV or recordings
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My hardware is an Intel NUC 54250WYK running Ubuntu 16.04LTS

That box has PulseAudio and an Intel HD5400 video card, which up to now has been totally ok for even FullHD content.

I think that since about 3 or 4 days my system started to bug out when watching live TV and movies. I think it mainly happens on FullHD movies and TV shows. Interestingly watching Youtube HD videos is fine. But I think the amount of data flowing around it is not the same as a full HD TV show ( i.e. Blue Planet on BBC) .

I can start a TV channel or a movie and after 10 to 30 seconds the picture will usually freeze. It will then take another 10 to 20 seconds for it to recover, after which it will fast forward the missed content very quickly until it catches up, or it will freeze for good and I have to kill Kodi because it will not react to any key presses or somesuch.

My suspicion is that it started after I updated my system about a week or less ago. At least that was the last time anything was really changed on that box. I thought about adding the minaudiocachelevel to the advancedsettings but then saw that this switch has been removed in v17. I already do have the video cache settings addded to advancedsettings.xml:

Here is the log file: