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Full Version: Video Upscaling, CPU or GPU?
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I'm running an oldish HTPC with Libreelec and Kodi, only viewing 1080 content at the moment as my projector doesn't support 4k. I still watch old DVD's and the upscaling feature in Kodi is great for improving image quality. I have noticed however that playback is smooth with the default bilinear upscaling but it goes choppy and stutters when using the more demanding upscaling methods.

My question is this, is the upscaling performed mainly by the CPU or the GPU? If the GPU then I may look to pop in a GT1030 card as I'm using old intel G45 onboard HD at present.
The latest 4K televisions are pretty good at upscaling. How this is for your projector is simply a case of testing and trying.

Just like audio, "it is all in the eye of the beholder". Smile

The Intel G45 is indeed an 'old fart', and the Nvidia GT1030 would be an improvement in terms of video processing. Please note however that for one, Nvidia drivers in Linux do not support the new 10-bit videos. And Nvidia support in LibreELEC in the near future is not guaranteed at this time due to Nvidia's abandoned support of VDPAU.
Thanks for taking the time to write that, yes I've read about NVideas Linux driver support which is a shame as the GT1030 with passive cooling looks like a great option for use in an HTPC.
upscaling is done by the GPU