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Full Version: PVR deinterlacing issue
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Hi All,

It seems that a similar issue as the one that was reported (and solved) here is happening in the current alpha of Kodi 18 Leia.

I have already opened a ticket but it would be nice to have some exchange here to see if other people noticed the same issue.

As reported in the ticket, if you start to watch a HD 1080i live TV channel, after few seconds the video is no more correctly deinterlaced. Going to the video options and changing the deinterlaced method from DXVA to Off and again to DXVA, makes the video again perfectly deinterlaced (until the channel is changed).
I'm running Kodi 18.0 alpha1 x64 over a Windows 10 platform using Argus TV as PVR add-on.
The debug log can be found at the following link: ​https://pastebin.com/yfhEmvXX 

If I'm not wrong, the issue of the last time was related to the platform using an AMD APU...don't know if it could be again the same issue.

Any comment is more than welcome. Thanks as usual! Smile
Yes, I've experienced the same problem with Windows 10 and all the Leia nightlies that I've tried in the last few months. I used to have this problem in Krypton development versions too, but somewhere along the line the problem was fixed.

For me deinterlaced video plays fine for a second or two when starting playback and then deinterlacing stops. Changing deinterlacing method from DXVA to off and then back again to DXVA always fixes it until I change channels or start another video.

It happens with live tv and recordings from Tvheadend and with files played from the video library.

Windows 10 64 bit
Radeon 7870
Kodi 64 bit
Tvheadend 4.2.3-20

Will post a log if needed.
Thanks for the confirmation maxtherabbit, it is exactly the same issue. I didn't try with recordings or video from the library.

Hope this will be fixed soon.


I only just tried v18 for the first time and noticed this immediately.  As viewing 1080i H.264 material from UK satellite is one of the main functions for the Kodi box downstairs, I had to roll back immediately to v17.

edit: this was the last time this issue came up: https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=291009&page=7 Looks like afedchin fixed it back then, could this be a regression?
Are you guys still seeing this too?  I'm running the nightly from only a few days ago and still have to toggle Deinterlacing to 'Off' then back to DXVA for some channels.  Using TVMosaic addon on Win10 x64.
(2018-04-24, 17:32)beeswax Wrote: [ -> ]Are you guys still seeing this too?  I'm running the nightly from only a few days ago and still have to toggle Deinterlacing to 'Off' then back to DXVA for some channels.  Using TVMosaic addon on Win10 x64.
 Hi beeswax,

Thanks a lot for rising this up again. I didn't have the occasion to test the latest nightly since I have still installed the version in which the issue happens. I asked some time ago for updates in the ticket I opened on Kodi bug tracker.

May be can you also add a comment there to attract more attention? Just follow the link in my first post.

Thanks a lot for your interest in this!
It's still broken for me too. I've been updating to new nightlies once or twice per month. Currently running version KodiSetup-20180426-1f8a5355-master-x64.

With Krypton (17.6) deinterlacing works, but it lacks all the new stuff from Leia.
Yeah, I'm stuck with Leia because it's the only way to have the new DVBLink TVMosaic PVR addon. I've found a solution but it meant ditching Windows and going with a LibreElec install instead.  On LE, PVR deinterlacing is fine once you change from the default 'Bob' mode to one of the motion options, I forget exactly which one.  Also, hardware accelerated decoding works properly for all video playback whereas I found under Windows, all Leia nightlies just don't work - on an Intel NUC I got frequent stuttering and on a 1080Ti based system, almost constant stuttering.
I think the main issue with windows is that there are less windows developer. Afaik there is one person working on it in which imho for libreelec, linux or other platforms are even more developer. So windows user have to wait a little bit longer for flawless using and for now everything is in alpha stadium. Beside i have the same issues.
Hey guys, maybe i have workaround posted here: https://trac.kodi.tv/ticket/17712#comment:12
Can you please try it?

PS.: Backup your settings (userdata folder) before for debugging purposes.

For me the nightly build "KodiSetup-20180605-23261e1a-master-x64" seems to have fixed the deinterlacing problems. I tested with live tv and regular video files both mpeg2 and h264 and they now have proper deinterlacing.

Before this version I was using "KodiSetup-20180601-7831ed96-master-x64" but it still had the deinterlacing problems and strangely all videos were in blue colour. Maybe this pull request somehow fixed both issues: 13974 (PR)

Could you guys test the same nightly build to see if the problem is fixed for you too?
For me it was working with my workaround posted above. Maybe other can test the newer builds and report back.

Same issue here - de-interlacing is not working with IPTV on Windows 8.1 with Kodi v18 "Leia" Alpha 2.
Workaround with disabling/enabling deinterlacing is not working.
Also stuttering and periodical artefact's not present with other players.
Try new nightly, there was a huge dxva rewrite (windows) maybe this also fixes this.
Installed latest night build (20180622-eac21118-master-x64) but de-interlacing still doesn't work.
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