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Full Version: Firestick, Kodi 17.6 Sound cuts in and out
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Ok, my bad.   Apologies, newbie here - won't do that bad stuff again.

Lets try this again.

Totally reset my Firestick [Settings, Device, Reset to Factory Defaults] (got rid of all the bad software!), reinstalled Kodi using links found on this site, loaded ABC Family Addon from default menu.   When I bring up any content to watch, the video is perfect but the sound cuts in and out about every 1/2 second.   Also, when I go back to an Amazon app, the sound does the same.  If I reboot my Firestick, and go to an Amazon app, the sound is fine, it's only once I launch Kodi does the sound start acting up.

To receive meaningful assistance you will need to provide a full debug log.

The instructions are here... debug log (wiki)

If you are using the Basic Method, then ensure the following is applied...
1.Enable debugging in Settings>System Settings>Logging,
2.Restart Kodi
3.Replicate the problem.

If you are using the Advanced Method ensure you have correctly created and applied the advancedsettings.xml file.

In both instances, you should see the word DEBUG throughout the log.

Note: Full logs only. No partial or redacted logs
Do NOT post your logs directly into the forum. Always use a paste site like pastebin.com. Post the link to your pasted log in the forum
I am using 17.6 on gen1 stick, Gen2 stick and 4k box. No issues. I'm not using abc family however.
Is it specific to that addon only?
Try disabling hardware acceleration in kodi settings.
It's happening with any/all addons. 

As a matter of fact, I just did a test....

Started the Firestick, sound was correct, started Kodi, did start any AddOns, went back to Amazon, the sound was broken.

Hardware accellaeration didn't help

Still looking for a solution

... correction, DIDN'T start any addons at all, and the issue happened.
Sounds like a firestick issue then. Try playing something outside kodi. Stop it. Play something else outside kodi.
I had same thought, bought another firestick, gen 2 as well. Exact same issue. Also, tried on two different tv’s and a monitor. Common thread is Kodi

@clipper486 please read post two again and follow the instructions. Hint: your last log did not have debugging switched on,
hello ..did anything come of this.

I have two amazon sticks. one if front room another in back room. For yrs this is the setup.. But for some reason as of the past two days either one of the stick that's in front room (away from wifi router) the sound drops in/out every 2-3 secs. 

Ive tried switching the wifi signal from 5 ghz to 2.4.
tried switching sticks.. only the stick thats in front room away from the wifi
not until i play kodi does the sound drop outs continue to other apps.. neflix and sling.
I have to force close kodi and restart firestick to play netflix and sling without the sound drop outs.
please help anyone.
How to retrieve log file from firestick
the kodi uploader doesn't give me the ability to send via email
and using es explorer doesn't give me access to my google drive as it used to.
Any ideas?

Much thx in advance