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Full Version: IPTV simply client vs TVheadend
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I have some problems with the videoplayer of KODI. Sometime my IPTV stream freezes, and then i cannot control the videoplayer. If i try to stop it , by pressing the stop button in the menu 
i will hangup my system(when stream still is freezed)

I using IPTV simply client , for my IPTV stream and skin Aeon Nox.  
am searching for a solution . and  a want to know if TVheadend is using the same videoplayer at IPTV simply client
Unfortunately Kodi doesn't seem to handle bad IPTV streams very well for some reason. When it finds missing data it tends to just stop playback which can be quite frustrating.

I have tested my IPTV streams with Perfect Player and that seems to be fine with data stream errors and just freezes for a bit and carries on.

I have no idea on the technicalities of what Kodi is doing, but it is certainly an area that could do with some improvement.