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Full Version: Question about remote art
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In the movie information menu, when I press the option Choose Art I get to pick Poster, Fanart or Thumbnail.
When I press one of them, say Poster, it shows me several posters names remote art and I can select one of them.
Is there a way I can download all the posters named remote art so I can browse them later.
I tried the Artwork Downloader add-on but it doesn't download those remote art posters.

You get to pick one, we wouldn't want to flood various meta-database sites. The .nfo information retains the http: link to the images for a while e.g. Nightmare on Elm Street in my .nfo retains links to 27 images. Using Google images, should offer a vast choice. I suggest you investigate the add-on Art Beefwork https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=258886

Sorry for the long delay in response, fever & colds.