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Full Version: Cannot find nfo or jpg files
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I'm trying to find my nfo files and possibly edit a couple of them, but I cannot find them.  

Instead of connecting one of my 2 TB drives full of movies to the NVIDIA SHIELD, I did the following
  • I just dropped 3 mkv files to a 128 GB thumb drive.
  • I connected the thumb drive to the NVIDIA SHIELD.
  • I navigated to storage and turned on make USB (I assume otherwise, it would turn the drive to adaptable storage)
  • I launched KODI and scraped TMDb.
  • In the KODI interface, all appeared to be well, except for the edits that I need to do. (See this thread that people are avoiding addressing because I'm an uber newb)
  • I ejected the drive safely and connected it to my Windows 10 laptop.
  • The following folders were written to the drive presumably by Android: Android and NVIDIA_SHIELD
  • All folders are devoid of files.
These are the folders:
  • F:\Android\data\com.google.android.gms\files (empty)
  • F:\Android\data\com.google.android.music\cache (empty)
  • F:\Android\data\com.google.android.music\files  (has a single file in it: "._playmusicid")
  • F:\Android\data\org.xbmc.kodi\files (empty)
  • F:\Android\obb (has a file in it: ".nomedia")
  • F:\Android\obb\org.xbmc.kodi (empty)
  • F:\NVIDIA_SHIELD (empty)
Yes, I have Windows set to "Show hidden files, folders, and drives".
Hello 120inna55

Looks like you are a bit confused and still finding your way with kodi Smile. Hopefully the following will give you a better understanding. Remember to read the links that I provide...

(2018-01-07, 02:29)120inna55 Wrote: [ -> ]I'm trying to find my nfo files and possibly edit a couple of them, but I cannot find them.  

Kodi does not create NFO Files as standard procedure. When you scrape a movie in Kodi, all the metadata is immediately entered into the Kodi Database (wiki) and artwork is immediately cached in the Thumbnail cache folder.

Kodi can create NFO Files, but as an export that is used for many reasons including Backup and your reason of editing and re-scraping.

To use local NFO Files and local Artwork, click the two links of the same name in My Signature below.