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Full Version: Kodi unusable after installing Horizon Skin
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After I installed the Horizon Skin my kodi device simply goes to a black screen after booting.  

Other themes worked fine, but my device is completely unusable after installing Horizon.  Since I get no menu's (just a black screen) I can't switch to a different skin.

I even put my usb drive back in to try to re-install kodi, but no luck.  I'm running OSMC on an apple tv gen 1.

Is there a way to reset kodi or re-install?  Is there a safe boot mode?  I am very new to kodi / osmc, any help would be appreciated.
Strange that this has happened. The skin must not have installed properly.

I've never used OSMC or an Apple TV before. However, the basic principle to remove the skin will be the same.
Your device will need to be connected to your wifi network and you will need to SSH in to it via the terminal on linux/mac or PuTTY on windows.
See Here: https://osmc.tv/wiki/general/accessing-t...mand-line/

The kodi addon directory should be at /home/osmc/.kodi/addons/
You just need to delete the Horizon skin and then reboot
rm -rf /home/osmc/.kodi/addons/skin.horizon

Both Ronie and I have seen this issue before, cause will be obvious when user posts a FULL debug log.

Wyrm (AppTV)