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Full Version: Local artist scraper generates log errors
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I was doing some testing of local artist nfo scanning, using the new Kodi 18 artist info folder store.  I set the artist scraper to local info only scraper and then opened roles / all contributors and context menu on the first artist to scan all artists.  What I found in my debug log is that for all artists where tags have artist MBID, the call into CMusicInfoScanner:Big GrinownloadArtistInfo results in CScraperParser:Tonguearse throwing an error to log "ERROR: CScraperParser:Tonguearse: Could not find scraper function ResolveIDToUrl".  It looks like this is due to metadata.local not handling ResolveIDToUrl.  It isn't an error (the nfo file is found and scanned as expected); rather it is log spam.  I guess this could be handled either in CMusicInfofScanner or the scraper addon (if scraper addon is metadata.local don't call the scraper).

This of course is a nuisance issue probably not worth working on unless the module is opened up for something else.

Not sure how to turn off the emojis.

scott s.
(2018-01-09, 04:33)scott967 Wrote: [ -> ]Not sure how to turn off the emojis.
Full Edit your post. Under the Update Post button, you should see "Disable Smilies"