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Full Version: DTS-HD and True HD with Intel Display Audio?
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I am just started using Kodi and was wondering why the option to enable DTS-HD passthrough cannot be seen in the ausio setting with "Advanced" enabled.

I have a 7th generation i5 7500 CPU and the specs say it does support it.

I don't know if the Realtek HD Audio driver that came with my Gigabyte mainboard caused this issue.

Any ideas  are highly welcome
UWP developers kit does not allow for passthrough audio.

If you are connecting through HDMI, as I guess you are, enable LPCM 7.1 audio in Xbox settings. Kodi will decode DTS-HD and pass it losslessly as 7.1 LPCM.
are you using the UWP app or just the Windows version?
Xbox settings on Win10?

As to get this right, Kodi 18 for WUP means _every_ Kodi for Win 10: the app store version, x86 and x64 are not able to passthrough, right?

How about installing Win 7 / 8, is Kodi 18 also not able to passthrough? Or are there other problems coming up?
Kodi UWP supports passthrough (WASAPI) on desktop.