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Full Version: Addons not automatically updating from self hosted repository - Forced update works
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I've got basic simple addons repo for syncing addons accross machines. It works great, deploys addons great.

My only issue is that the addons don't seem to update without manually triggering "Options>Check for updates". When I click that they update without intervention just fine.

I have automatically update addons enabled in settings. I turned on verbose debugging and I see no log activity that looks like it's checking that repository for updates until I force check.

It's my impression that the addons are supposed to update automatically when launching Kodi if the installed repo's addons.xml.md5 has changed. It doesn't seem automatic to manually trigger check for updates.

Something must be missing in the config, is there an xml entry I need to add to repository?

you need the checksum entry for the repo definition; ref

<extension point="xbmc.addon.repository">
typically you'd create this by hashing the addons.xml file.