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Full Version: PVR Simple SQL Client w/ Recording
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(2018-12-25, 18:01)konko Wrote: [ -> ]Hello!
What is the progress of this fantastic plugin?
I can't compile https://github.com/gonzalo-hvega/pvr.iptvsimple 
error: ‘XBMC_PVR_API_VERSION’ was not declared in this scope

May I help beta testing?
 I have also got the same error during the compilation process. I am trying to install it into my raspberry pi2 with OSMC. Did i miss something to declare properly the API ? 
(2019-02-07, 15:21)DarrenHill Wrote: [ -> ]Members with insufficient posts and/or a too-new account do not have PM priv's.

That will apply in at least two cases here (@D3LTA should have such privs though).
Okay! I guess I'll have to be a bit more active before PM priv. is activated on my account .
You've made enough posts already, and from what I can see of your account status you should have it now.
Some people have successfully compiled this pvr addons. Is it possible to share you experience or in mp the compile file to have a test? Your help will be very appreciated. Thanks.
I would also be interested in a compiled version of this Add-on. Does it work with Kodi 18?
(2019-02-05, 15:53)dzejms Wrote: [ -> ]
(2019-02-05, 15:02)Starmanrf Wrote: [ -> ]
(2018-01-10, 19:18)el_gonz87 Wrote: [ -> ]UPDATE: Released to public https://github.com/gonzalo-hvega/pvr.iptvsimple
Any chance of compiling this for kodi 18?, used it on krypton 17 and it was great.      
DM me your email and I will send it to you.    
 Dear @dzejms ...
Because I just registered my account and don't have posts and ... etc. (but have dzimail You should know what I mean Wink ) I'm unable to DM You.
Can You send compiled version for Linux (Ubuntu) and Kodi 18 to me (my login: ic3m3n) by email. ?

BTW: @el_gonz87  Good Job but ... Tongue can you comeback now Smile
as I am new to this forum, I came across this super add-on. Hopefully el_gonz is coming back with some new updates Smile

In the meantime, as I am too old for this technology, would be interested if I could test this pvr.iptv simple client for PI3 with Kodi18. 

Thanks for helping me out on this.
Any news? I do Not have enough posts to send private Message, unfortunately! Can someone private me Smile
There's no point at the moment - if you can't send them then you also can't receive them.
That’s potty. Wha are the min posts to reach?
It's an anti-spam measure. Plus this is not a general chat forum - in most cases things to be said should be done publically in the threads.

10 posts, plus there's also a minimum account age restriction too.

And random or irrelevant posts just to get the count up are very much frowned upon.
Those of you having problems compiling might be interested in this alternative solution:

IPTV Recorder can now Record from the Kodi PVR EPG grid from IPTV Simple Client.
No compiling necessary.
Well done Primaeval Smile I will try it now.
Well anybody got it running on Kodi 18.1? It's based on outdated simple iptv addon, so I guess it's not possible
Is there a repo for testing this?  I run 2 hdhomerun duo's as well as IPTV and I record over 20 shows a week using TVheadend but I would love to try something new.

I would be using a odroid with a 4tb drive connected to it but for some reason I have problems figuring out how to add add ons that are not from a repo.

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