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Full Version: PVR Simple SQL Client w/ Recording
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Hi el_gonz87,

iam waiting for that!! Good job!!! I have a s905x Box with libreelec. Can i test your build? It would be great to record some shows...

thx alot

greats Antaril
Thank you very much for the work you doing. The lack of ability to record IPTV is the only downside in kodi for me. I spend hours and hours trying to find a good and comfortable solution, but I failed.
So keep up the work. You will make many people happy.
I just see this post and im waiting a good future for this project, btw  are you from Spain? I saw some channels from movistar
I'm waiting for this addon since years!!! Please make it for raspberry 2/3.

When do you think to release it?

Thank youuuuu!!!
Looking forward to using this on my Shield TV. Thanks for the work, I'm very excited to get my hands on it
(2018-04-05, 04:51)lazyboy0172 Wrote: [ -> ]Looking forward to using this on my Shield TV. Thanks for the work, I'm very excited to get my hands on it
 In the mean time you could try my IPTV Recorder addon.
Watching this with great anticipation. Hope it all goes well and is released soon.
Looks really amazing!
Keep up the good work. Any news when it will be released ? Would love to test it on my raspberry pi 3 with libreelec!
Man this looks awesome.
Hi, there is any news about it? I want to try it soon as possible! :-)

Could you provide an update? Could you release it to the public? Thanks
Hi everyone, sorry for the MAJOR delay.

I have uploaded my project to github so people can start testing it out!

Link: https://github.com/gonzalo-hvega/xbmc-pvr-iptvsimple

You will have to compile the addon for linux (instructions in readme), or for android compile kodi with my addon included and build apk (NO WAY AROUND THIS).

2) Android (Cannot natively record, requires linux machine sharing same recordings path so that linux can do actual recording to file)

I DO NOT HAVE OR PLAN ON GETTING Windows / OSX machines, so modify code if you wish to test on those systems.

I know its a bit of a bummer for android, but I at least use it at home with a linux media server, so my android devices are kind of an extension of my DVR, similar to how cable companies give you 1 dvr and the other boxes can record on it.
I'm looking for a solution to android, but unfortunately the android system has a --noexec on loaded binaries from data partition. This means FFMPEG has to be built and install into android via apk to an area kodi can point to (NOT EASY!).

Will continue to work on this, I have some ideas:
 - Pass off to python script, would require sister addon script to be installed from a repo. (may reach out to primeval)
 - Create sister APK build for FFMPEG that allows Kodi access to the install location. (will prob be time consuming)
 - Look for alternate recording capabilities more native to android.
 - Etc...

Important, if testing and want to report issues PLEASE include kodi.log from session with issue and use pastebin to do so.

Sorry if I have not addressed all the questions, will do my best moving forward.

It works on Raspberry Pi (ARM cpu)?
(2018-05-23, 08:08)surfparadise Wrote: [ -> ]It works on Raspberry Pi (ARM cpu)?

Is it running Linux? If yes, then it will have full functionality.
I was trying to use it on RPi3 running LibreELEC but unfortunately ffmpeg is compiled without ffprobe and libx264.
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